That's my pretty faceHey, thanks for stopping by! My name is Kevin Rossen. First and foremost, I’m a follower of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I’ve been married to Brea, the most beautiful woman in the world, for over seven years. We have two daughters, three Cocker Spaniels, and one Beta fish.

My Nickname

There are a lot of people who know me as Sug (pronounced like sugar) and I get asked how I got that nickname, so here’s the deal. When I was a freshman in high school I was on a mission trip with my youth group building a house in Juarez, Mexico with Amor ministries.

Every day I would bring five or six Blow Pops with me to the work site and would have one in my mouth almost all the time. About midway through the week while the group was sitting around the campfire I decided I wanted some Skittles. I went over to the candy stash and grabbed some for myself and few extra bags for others, since I assumed a few people would want some, but no one did. I was too tired walk back and put them back, so I ate about 3-4 bags of Skittles in less than an hour.

The other incident that secured me getting the nickname happened when the group we made our last stop about two hours from home. I had about ten dollars left, so I decided to buy some more candy. I spent almost all ten bucks at that gas station and came out with a bag stocked full of sweet, sugary goodness and ate about half of it before we got home!

Putting all these pieces together, my youth minister decided I needed to be called Sug, which has been a name that’s stuck with me for almost two decades.


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