3 Suns + 2 Spurs + 1 Maverick = Dirk 4 MVP

The All-Star voting was finished the past Thursday, and the coaches voted Dirk Nowitzki in as the only Dallas Maverick All-Star. The five NBA All-Star starters are selected by fan vote, which mean the Yao Ming, Tracy McGrady and the rest of the Houston Rockets will get too many votes because of the 1 billion people voting in China. The coaches in the NBA select the seven reserve players, but coaches cannot vote for their own players. Carol Boozer and Yao Ming both won’t play for the Western Conference due to injury, so David Stern will select two replacements.

The biggest snub, outside of Carmelo Anthony, was Josh Howard not being selected. If David Stern doesn’t choose Josh to replace either Yao or Boozer, there will be only one player representing the team that currently has the best record in the NBA. ONE PLAYER! Last year the Detroit Pistons were the team with best record, and they had four players chosen to the team. FOUR!!! The Phoenix Suns, who currently have the SECOND BEST record in the NBA are sending three players. THREE PLAYERS!!! The San Antonio Spurs, who currently have the THIRD BEST record in the NBA are sending two players.

So what’s the big deal? I am thoroughly convinced that Dirk Nowitzki is hands down the front-runner for the MVP this year. He has to be. There is no way you could defend Steve Nash being this year’s MVP anymore. It took the Phoenix Suns three All-Star players to come close to accomplishing what the Dallas Mavericks have done with only one. The Spurs are currently seven games behind Dallas and they are working with two all-stars. If Dirk does not win the MVP this year, something is wrong.

David Stern. Please do the right thing. Put Josh Howard and Mehmet Okur on the team.

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