A Lesson on Communication from the Election

Today is the day after the Electuon and it’s typically called the election hangover day. You may be tired of hearing about it along with all the political ads, but I learned an extremely valuable lesson from the whole process that I knew was true before, but saw it come to fruition on a nation-wide scale last night.

That lesson is that in communication delivery trumps content. How I saw it in the election is that by most standards John McCain is far more qualified to be the leader of the USA, but Obama was always called a great communicator. The only message that Obama was putting forward was “change” but didn’t really elaborate on what that meant. McCain had a longer record of service and he has been a proven leader for many years, but the packaging of that message was not nearly as compelling as Obama’s to the majority of people.

For me, that’s a stark reminder to make sure that I have both good content along with great delivery. I know that content matters, but if it’s not delivered in a compelling way it won’t be heard.

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