A Ridiculously Easy (and Free) Way to Keep Your Toddler Entertained

Having a little one around the house is awesome. But there are times that she’s not as entertained as normal by the same toys/videos/games she plays with every day. When these moments come we, as parents, sometime are stuck trying to come up with new ways to keep our little ones’ minds entertained. It can be tough to find new (and free) ideas, so why not just go back to an old classic: the fort.

This week I rediscovered how much little kids (at least my twenty month old daughter) love to play in pretend forts (or “house” as my daughter calls it). I remembered this idea when I was flipping through the book Cheap Ways To … the other day. All I had to do was rearrange our four dining room chairs a little and toss a comforter over them. She has absolutely LOVED it. I bet she could play in it for over an hour before getting bored. Best of all, it’s FREE!!!

Here’s a couple pictures of the fort:
Ridiculously easy
She loves playing in this fort

This probably should have been a no-brainer, but I really had just forgotten about it.

Got any other ideas on keeping little ones entertained?

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