A Sad Day

There’s an empty feeling inside me today. After spending nearly eight weeks at our house, Abby and Carter’s three little puppies have all found new homes. I’m really happy about the people who ended up with them. They seem like good people who will take really good care of them. It’s just really hard when you’ve spent two months of your life raising the pups, just to let them go. It happened really quickly, too. I didn’t expect for any of them to sell on the first day we had them advertised in the paper, but that’s what happened. I don’t think I really was prepared to see them go so quickly. I thought I’d have a little more time with them. But the pictures were what sold them, just like Brea said they would.

We haven’t decided if we’re going to let Abby have any more. She did great and we had no problems with their health. It’s just really hard letting go . . .

3 thoughts on “A Sad Day

  1. I found my way here through your pup pics on Flickr. I can see why it was difficult to part with those sweet faces! We used to be a foster home for dogs in rescue, and seeing them go to their “forever homes” was always tough. But it definitely helped to see how happy the new families were to have them.

  2. According to the law of supply and demand your price was to low. Next time you may be able to hang on to them longer with a higher price. Or just tell Abby to have more than three puppies. Congrats

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