Bitter Former Taco Bueno Employee

I previously posted about how it’s annoying to get a ton of hot sauce from Taco Bueno, even though they ask you if you want any and you tell them no. I ticked off Jamee, who apparently used to work at a Taco Bueno. Here’s the comment she left about that post:

Okay quit crying like a little girl…i’ve worked at taco bueno before and yes when u order a combo we automatically ask for your drink first…why because on the computers we cannot move forward in the order until we have your drink request, when a customer starts saying they want no this and no that and they want to add this but take this off, it is much easier to get the drink out of the way first…and sometimes the customers act like we can read their minds like when they want no tomatoes we will put no tomatoes on everything and then they throw a hissy because they just wanted no tomatoes on one thing…although they didn’t specify we just have to grin and bare it. Heaven forbid taco bueno isn’t a magical place were they just get everything right. and please man it’s just hot sauce remove it and throw it away it’s not like it tainted your food.

Jamee. I do throw the hot sauce away. My point wasn’t to complain about Taco Bueno being perfect. My point was that it’s not fun knowing that the employees don’t listen to you.

And get to work on the mind reading thing. That would speed things up a lot.

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