Does Anyone Outside Dallas Want the Mavericks to Win?

I thought it was kind of funny and ironic that TNT decided to have Steve Kerr be an analyst fot the Mavericks vs Spurs series. Anyone who has followed the team for at least a couple of years remembers what happened in Game 6 of the Western Conference finals in 2003. The game will forever be known as the “Steve Kerr Game.”

This, however, is not funny:

Take a close look at the picture. It’s supposed to have the star player from the four teams the conference finals. Notice anyone missing? Exactly. NO MAVERICKS PLAYER!!! What a joke. I thought it was appropriate for me to add a little commentary to the photo. You can check if they’ve updated the picture here. Thanks for the link, Cuban.

I’ve taken the liberty to add what I think Tim Duncan might be thinking now:

I couldn’t resist this one:

2 thoughts on “Does Anyone Outside Dallas Want the Mavericks to Win?

  1. Oddly enough, as of right now (11:00am Wed), that picture is still showing up on AOL, but Internet Explorer has one with only Nash and Dirk for the Western conference finals. Same URL and everything.

  2. From what the folks on ESPN 103.3 were saying yesterday, it sounds like the Spurs players are pulling for the Mavs now they themselves are out of the picture.

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