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I had my hopes up yesterday that I would actually get an Xbox 360 soon. had the Xbox listed as available and in stock for a few minutes last night. My brother called me and I placed my order immediately. Everything looked fine until we checked our order status later. Backordered. Crap. That didn’t look good, so I called them this morning, and after waiting on hold for 19 minutes I talked with a CSR who told me it was backordered until MARCH!!! I immediately cancelled. Little did I know there was something more going on. While I was on hold, had sent an email basically saying my order was cancelled due to a glitch that allowed people to access the product that was not available. Here’s a copy of the email:

Subject: Important Message About the Xbox 360 Order You Placed Yesterday
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2005 11:36:15 -0600

Dear Customer:

Unfortunately, without our permission or knowledge, someone determined a method to view product pages of unavailable products via our URL link format. This link was then distributed on several web sites and message boards. The Xbox 360 Premium Bundle ($399.99) you ordered yesterday was not publicly listed for sale or available on, including on our search and Xbox 360 pages. We are taking steps to identify this individual and will work to ensure this does not occur again.

As this product is unavailable and was not intended for sale, we must regretfully cancel your order. Along with our sincere apologies for this unfortunate incident, please accept the attached coupon good for $5.00 off any purchase of $25.00 or more.

Sincerely, Customer Service

Coupon Code: ************

This coupon expires December 31, 2006

They need to get their online ordering act together. Why would you have a listing for a product you didn’t plan to sell?

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