Hey Marquis, We don’t miss you.

For the past three seasons, Marquis Daniels played for the Dallas Mavericks. When Don Nelson was coach he played a fairly prominent role, and many times ended up in the starting lineup. I heard a lot of people talking about how good of a player Daniels was, and couldn’t understand why he wasn’t getting as much playing time under Avery Johnson last year. We now know why.

In addition to his playing time and production going down, he has had a number of off the court problems. Earlier this year, he was with Stephen Jackson when they had an altercation outside of a night club in which Jackson ended up firing a gun. This week he was involved in another altercation with a bar manager. The manager ended up with a fractured jaw and a severed earlobe.

Avery would never put up with this kind of behavior on or off the court. Maybe that’s why he didn’t give him as much of a role last year. For whatever reason it was, I’m glad he’s gone.

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