How Not to Sell a Roofing Repair

I admire the persistence of roofing companies, but they annoy me at the same time. Here’s a rundown of what just happened at my house.



Random roofing sales dude: “Hi, sir, I’m so-and-so with random roofing company. We’re in the neighborhood today offering free roof inspections. Have you had your roof inspected since the hail storms this Spring?”

Me: “No, but we can’t really do that right now.”

Sales dude: “Well, why not?”

Me: “Because we have a newborn baby sleeping.”

Sales dude: “We could come back tomorrow.”

Me: “No thanks.”


I mean, seriously. Do you really think I want someone climbing around on my roof right after we had a baby? Maybe I’m just cranky from lack of sleep, but I think it’s important to really pay attention to other people’s needs and desires when you’re trying to sell something. This guy didn’t really get that concept. He just wanted to make a sale.

[image via MJM]

One thought on “How Not to Sell a Roofing Repair

  1. I so understand. The onslaught is waning though, it’s been a couple months now since the hail storm. I need to do my roof but I’ll wait till the dust settles and they are all out of work and begging for a job. That’s when I can negotiate better pricing. One wanted an incredible $8400 for my flat 1 story plane ol’ rectangle of a roof!!! Are you kidding!!!
    I would guess half of that myself. I paid $6500 for a 2 story, fancy home with a steep pitch and patio cover in San Antonio, but that was about 8 years ago though…
    I guess I’m just cheap. I think I’ll just do it myself!

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