I Can’t Wait for This Show!!!

Every now and then, I find out something almost accidentally that I get really excited about. This happened today. I was at Brian Regan’s website to see if he was coming back to Dallas anytime soon (he’s not). I found out that one of his brothers, Dennis, is also a comedian and watched a clip of him performing on Brian’s website. I did a quick Yahoo search for Dennis Regan and came across this little blurb at The Arizona Daily Star:

Regan’s own résumé is about to get a boost; he’s in a development deal with the creators of the NBC sitcom “Scrubs” for his own sitcom. He is confident the show will be made and will slip in as a mid-season replacement at a network yet to be announced.

Unfortunately the story is from a year ago, so I’m guessing the show will never actually come out. But if it does, I’ll be watching.

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