I just keeps getting better for Dallas

Just when I think that the Mavericks have set every record they are going to set this year another one pops up. After beating Atlanta on Monday they have become the first team in NBA history to have three separate 12 game or more winning streaks in a single season. Here’s what the AP had to say about it:

The Mavericks are the first team in NBA history with three winning streaks of 12 or more in a season, having already had runs of 12 and 13 games. The Milwaukee Bucks (1970-71), Philadelphia 76ers (1980-81) and Los Angeles Lakers (1999-2000) have had three winning streaks of 10 or more in a season.

Of those three other ten game winners, the Bucks and Lakers both won the NBA Finals. Hopefully the Mavs will follow suit this year.

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