I’m getting prepared for the end of Palm OS

For about the past six months I’ve been coming to grips with the fact that Palm will be coming to an end…soon. I had hope for them, both as a company and a maker of the mobile OS, but that hope disappeared with the Foleo fiasco. Not that the product was a terrible idea, it could have been useful for a lot of people, but they were so way out of touch with what the general public was looking for in mobile devices that I realized their time was up.

Ever since that day, I’ve had the feeling that it was time to start thinking about what my next mobile device would be. I really like a lot of what the iPhone has to offer, but I have a great phone plan with Sprint that I want to stay with them. Google’s announcement of the Android OS and Sprint’s joining of the OHA has given me motivation to wait until at least mid-2008 to replace my Treo 650. I’m really starting to look forward to that day that Sprint releases their first Android phone.

We switched our email to Google Apps earlier this year and it has been great. They have the best calendar software I’ve ever used. The email platform is so good (KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS!!!), and I’m starting to use the Docs feature more and more. With these things in mind, I’m thinking the Android will be the perfect phone for my situation. With that in mind, here’s what I’ve figured out so far: Google calendar will be my main calendar (not Palm) and Remember the Milk will be my task manager. With those two figured out, I don’t really think leaning Palm will be too hard.

If you’ve switched from Palm to something else, let me know what you miss, what you don’t miss, and any advice you have.

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