Mavericks Off-Season in Full Force

After a heartbreaking end the the 2005-06 season, the Mavericks are back at it early in the off-season getting ready for the 2006-07 season. They’ve reportedly come to terms with Jason Terry, which was by far the most important business to take care of. They are set to offer Mbenga a multi-year deal, and it looks like they’re going to trade Marquis Daniels to the Pacers for Austin Croshere. I like the moves I’ve seen so far. I’d be surprised if Mbenga, Dampier, and Diop are all back next year. I’m waiting to see if someone will take a chance on trading for Dampier (not likely) or Diop. As far as Daniels goes, he’s been buried on the bench since Avery has been coach and he seems to think he’s more of a playmaker than he’s proven to be so far in his career.

The final piece of business that needs to happen before the season is extending Dirk’s contract. Once that happens, their off-season will be complete. The way things have gone since Cuban’s been owner, though, means that there may be some more deals in the works that will shock us all.

We’re looking good to make another run at the NBA Finals.

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