NBA Western Conference Playoff Predictions

I’ve been quiet about the NBA this year, but I went through the remaining schedule of the top 9 west teams (minus Lakers) and here’s what I came up with as what I see the final standings being:

1. LA Lakers (WAY AHEAD)
2. San Antonio 55-37
3. Portland 53-29
4. New Orleans 52-30
5. Dallas 52-30
6. Utah 51-31
7. Denver 50-32
8. Houston 49-33

Phoenix 45-37

If this happens it would give Dallas a chance to redeem themselves against the Hornets, but I really wouldn’t want to face Chris Paul in the first round again.

What are your projections?

One thought on “NBA Western Conference Playoff Predictions

  1. (Even though this post regards the season, I'll make comments about the post-season, since it is related.)

    Assuming we take care of business with the Spurs, I like our chances in the second round, regardless the opponent. (Not that it will just be a cake-walk, but there are no overtly difficult matchup issues on the surface.) I don't think it's outside the realm of possibility to make it to the Conference Finals. Either way, if we can finish off the Spurs, it will be nice to make it out of the first round. Come on Mavs!!!

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