New Windows Mobile Treo to be More Stable Than Palm OS???

Last month Palm officially announced that the next Treo would be released in the UK in partnership with Vodaphone. Today they set September 12 as the day they will officially unveil the new device. In a story by Reuters today, there was a very odd quote. [Read the News Story Here]:

The company is hoping the move to the Windows Mobile will help alleviate the concerns of Treo users who have long complained of Palm’s own operating system crashing the handsets on a regular basis.

If this statement was made by a Palm representative then they are moronic. Why in the world would you say that one of your competitor’s software is more stable or reliable than your own? You’re giving the impression that you’ve done everything you can, but there is a superior product on the market. If Palm thinks this than the Palm OS is dead.

But another thought I’ve had. When has a Windows product been more stable or reliable than anything else? Windows XP, while being a vastly superior product than the its predecessor Windows ME, is full of flaws and still locks up on occasion. I have had no experience with Windows Mobile, but I would be shocked if it is more stable than Palm OS.

What causes Treo users problems with stability is usually the third-party software they install. There are a number of programs available that are considered hack programs. They manipulate the intended operation of device, which in turn reduces its reliability. The only way this is eliminated is by not allowing programs to hack the device. Having the ability to customize the Treo is one of its most desirable features.

I’ve been a Palm OS user since the Fall of 1997. It would be a shame to see it buried by its own company. Palm, if you are planning on ditching the OS, please give it to the open-source community. They will be able to make it what you have not been able to do.

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