Olympics online video = boring

NBC made it a major point of emphasis to brag about how many hours of live coverage they would be having on all of their broadcast channels and online. This year they’re streaming more coverage of the Olympics than they ever have. It’s paying off for them, too, with Michael Phelps bringing in HUGE ratings with his amazing performances in the pool.

I was really excited about the olympics this year for two reason. First, I’ve been getting into running for the past six weeks, so I wanted to watch the track & field events. And second, I was excited about the massive amounts of hours of live coverage available online. I thought that I would be primarily watching the Olympics online this year. I was wrong.

I tried to get into the online coverage. I check out their webstie quite a bit, but every time I have it has not been impressive. Most of the time the live footage is just the stuff happening before or after the comptetion is happening. All in all I maybe have seen three minutes online.

I must applaud NBC for the efforts, though. They are utilizing technology to expand their audience and I imagine that they’ll have even better options for watching online at the next Olympics.

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