Relating Apologetically to the World

This was a discussion board assignment for the Apologetics class I’m taking. Here is a link to the article I had to read for the assignment.

The article by Williams was both inspiring and challenging to me. I was glad he pointed out that “intellectual activity is insufficient to bring another to Christ” but that it is still the duty and privilege of every believer to be ready to defend his or her faith with the world. I was also somewhat ashamed by my limited engagement with the world in an apologetic manner. His passion for the lost jumps off the screen and makes me want to step up my engagement with people who need Jesus.

The ineffective approach that I tend to default toward is the defeatist approach. I don’t see the church as a “safe place” for believers to meet, nor do I think it sufficient to just live a lifestyle that is evangelistic. What I most struggle with is having the heart and desire to be more evangelistic. My defeatist mentality tends to doubt that people will actually change so why bother trying to share the Gospel with them. What apologetics does for me is bolsters my confidence in knowing that my faith is indeed true and in turn motivates me to more fully live my life in the way that God has called me to live it.

The first three principles Williams discusses have major implications for me. First off, I really need to me much more intentional about going to where lost people are. As a minister, my full-time profession is working with Christians. My parents were both Christians. I attended Bible College. In a normal week I don’t cross paths with lost people very often. That being said, I need to make connections with people in intentional ways.

Second, when I do meet lost people, I need to make the most of every opportunity to share the Gospel with them. Since I know that I may not come into contact with lost people too often I need to capitalize on every opportunity as much as possible.

Third, I need to find more ways to relate to people. Since I’ve grown up in the church I don’t find the normal lifestyle of the world to be very attractive. It’s not fun to be around world people acting worldly, but I need to fan the flame of evangelism in my heart, knowing that Christ calls me to connect with people so that they can connect with the Savior.

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