Should the Mavs’ slow start worry you?

I’ve had a few people ask me if I’m worried about the Dallas Mavericks having trouble early in the season. They have lost games that they should have won and are not showing much chemistry. This is making some people say that they should have dismantled the team after last season’s embarrassing defeat to the Golden State Warriors. I do not think that it is time to dismantle the team, yet.

Let’s take a brief look at how the Mavs are doing in comparison to recent history. Currently they are 13-8 and trail San Antonio by 4.5 games. At this point last year, the year the Mavs won 67 games, Dallas was 14-7. Two years ago, the year the Mavs went to the NBA Finals, Dallas was 15-6. The Mavs are only 1-2 games worse this year than they were either of the two previous years.

Let’s take a quick look at San Antonio, last year’s NBA Champions.  21 games into the season last year they were 15-6. It turned out pretty well for them I would say.

Overall, I think it is way too early to hit the panic button on this season. There is just WAY TOO MUCH basketball still to be played. History has also shown us that the regular season has very little impact on what happens in the playoffs. So, should you be concerned about the Mavs’ slow start? Not yet. They definitely have a lot of areas in which they need to improve, but I would much rather they figure those things out closer to the end of the regular season to gain some momentum for the playoffs.

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