Simplifying Communication

I’ve been considering applying a new rule to every lesson or message I give in the future: the text message rule. My theory is that anything that is worth saying should be able to be summarized short enough to fit in a single text message (144 characters, including spaces). One reason I’ve come up with this theory is that I think text messaging has become so popular partly because it has to be short and to the point, which people like and makes things easier to remember. I’m not saying that we should only communicate in text messages, since my blog posts would have to be much shorter in general, but we should be able to know our material well enough that we could send the main concept in a text message.

Here’s an attempt at summarizing the above applying the txt msg rule:
Everything a person wants to communicate should be able to be summarized in 144 characters or less.
(99 characters)

Google Send to Phone will let you test your summaries.

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