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I’m a book junkie. I’ve bought way too many books in my life. I read a lot of them, but some of them I just read a few chapters and then get bored with it. Part of my problem is that I didn’t have a good system in place to keep track of books. That is until recently

A little over a month ago I discovered the website It’s basically a web-based cataloging system for your books. It’s very easy to add books to your library. You simply type in some of the information (title, author, ISBN, etc.) and the site searched, the Library of Congress, or a host of other databases to pull information about the book. It’s very easy and convenient.

To make it even easier you can scan the bar-code of the book and it will automatically add that book to your library. They even sell a cheap bar-code scanner on the site (the failed CueCat from the late 90s). I bought one and was able to catalog over 500 books in a matter of hours. It was great!

My next goal is to get the small groups curriculum of the church catalogged so that I can give leaders a place to go when they are looking for ideas on what to teach their groups. I’ll post a link to that when I make it live.

For now you can check out my library here.

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