Sunday Night Unfiltered

I’m going to try something new this week that I might make a regular Sunday night practice. Tonight I’m going to just do a random fire of thoughts that come to me based on the stuff that happened today at church or throughout the week. It may be entertaining or completely useless.

Let me know what you think.

  • Bugs. Bugs everywhere!
  • I’m wondering if trying to do our own bug spraying is smart or if we should hire some professionals?
  • Asked someone new to do the lawn mowing at church. Old guys haven’t mowed for two weeks. I should probably let them know Monday their services are no longer needed.
  • First half of Cowboys game has been BORING…right up until the last play.
  • Switching the church to the new kiosk check-in system will be really, really good in the long run. Right now it’s kind of a pain. I’m glad we have some great volunteers to help out!!!
  • We got our connection group back together for the first time in months tonight! Had a great time, but I wish everyone could’ve been there. Looking forward to getting some momentum going.
  • Having a lobby/foyer that’s too small for your church is not great, but it’s awesome at the same time. It’s not great because there’s not enough room for people to hang out. It’s awesome because there is a TON of energy when the place is packed!
  • The barista at the Kroger Starbucks seemed bummed. Praying he finds some joy this week.
  • My wife is awesome at hospitality. She had a great idea for a snack that was super simple to make (I think, she made it) and added some nice personal touches to the house to make it feel more warm and welcoming.
  • Forgot to bring a snack for Emory for between services. Would’ve been bad if BridgeWay didn’t have an awesome, ready for anything Children’s Minister in Lisa Rowland!!! The church is blessed to have her.
  • It’s cool to see friends from our old church at our new church.
  • Christians should look at others with the eyes of a doctor, not a judge. Great challenge from Art tonight.

Okay. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. What did the day look like to you?

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