Tech Tip – Keyboard Shortcuts in Firefox

If you haven’t started to use it yet, you need to make the switch to Firefox. In almost every way it is far superior to Internet Explorer. And it’s Free!!! The tabbed browsing is great and makes browsing multiple pages much easier.

I’ve recently discovered some of the keyboard shortcuts that make browsing even more easy. Here’s a few that I use almost every day (Sorry Mac people, I only know PC stuff):
New Tab – Ctrl + T
Toggle Through Tabs – Ctrl + Tab
Find in This Page – Ctrl + F
Select Search Bar – Ctrl + K
Select Location Bar – Ctrl + L
.com in location – Ctrl + Enter (example: type yahoo then press Ctrl + Enter and it automatically fills in for you)
.net in location – Shift + Enter
.org in location – Ctrl + Shift + Enter

There are many more keyboard shortcuts that might be more useful for you. You can see the list by pressing F1 in Firefox and then clicking “Keyboard Shortcuts” in the contents section. If you know of any other really useful shortcuts, please share them by commenting.

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