The Mavericks Will Beat the Spurs

I’m putting this out for the world to see. It’s 3:06 PM on Monday, May 22. The Mavericks will win game 7 in San Antonio. Here’s why. In a seven game series, the best team almost always wins. We saw it happen yesterday in Detroit. We saw it happen last year when Dallas edged Houston in the first round of the playoffs. And I believe we’ll see it happen again tonight.

Even though San Antonio is the defending champion and they won three more games than the Mavericks this year, I still believe the Mavericks are better. They have more depth, more athleticism, and more talent top to bottom. The best team should win game 7. I believe that team is Dallas.

May the best team win.

Oh, and this is my 99th post to my blog. Seems like destiny that my 100th would be talking about the Mavericks advancing to the Western Conference finals.

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