This should not make me happy, but . . .

Wade Injured

Dwayne Wade injured his shoulder against the Houston Rockets last night. It’s not clear right now how serious the injury is, but in a small, carnal way it makes me a little bit happy. Don’t get me wrong. I’m never happy about someone else getting injured as it relates to his personal life. But as a Mavericks fan, with memories of last June, I’m not too upset that Wade is hurt.

The downside to this is that Dallas and Miami are facing each other Thursday night. What this injury does is effectively eliminate any sort of “rematch” from last season’s Finals. Last time they played, Shaq was hurt. This time it’s Wade. That’s really ok, though, because the regular season will never have even close to the meaning that the playoffs, and in particular the Finals, have.

Get Well Soon, Dwayne.

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