Updated Blog Look

I spent a few hours yesterday tweaking the look of the site. Not a complete overhaul, but I think the overall look and feel of the site is much better. Here’s what I did:

  • Header (Removed the menu bar that was above the image, added kevinrossen.com to the image and made only that text clickable). I got the header from the Digital Westex Image Gallery and customized it in Photoshop.
  • Changed the picture that shows up in the address bar (it’s a Mountain Dew bottle). I figured out how to do it using Wikipedia.
  • Made a flash file for the countdown to the Mavericks season. I made it using SWiSHmax. It’s a great program for making basic flash files. I customized a sample countdown that comes with the program. I’ll write about the program sometime in the future.
  • Changed the Flickr Pics badge to the Flickr Daily Zeitgeist. It’s s simple script that Flickr create for you and you just copy and paste it into your site. I chose to only include my photos and my contacts’ photos.
  • Sidebar overhaul (took out “bullets” in the boxes, moved the subscribe links into the about section, fixed some of the spacing, and added an archives section)

Looks like a lot, but I’m really satisfied. The next thing I’m going to try to figure out is how to make the search function in WordPress work–it doesn’t now. If you have any suggestions or ideas please share them in by commenting on this post.

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