Why Mark Cuban is a Good Leader

I’ve blogged quite a few time on the Mavericks. Most recently I talked about Michael Finley and the decision to waive him. Mark Cuban just posted about the agony that came along with the decision to let Fin go. Let me state a few things.

I believe that one of the reasons Mark has done so well in business is that he’s not afraid to admit mistakes. In his post, he took the blame for the previous moves that cost the Mavs financial flexibility. He said it was his own fault. Now, anyone who follows sports closely knows that most moves are not made by one person alone. There is a group of people, such as owner, GM, coach, and others, who are involved with the process. Even though Mark could have use the language “we made mistakes” he decided to take the fall himself. That’s a sign of not only good, but great leaderhsip.

Jim Collins, in the book Good to Great, wrote that leaders of companies that have made the leap to being truly great companies were the one who would accept blame but deflect praise. That’s not normal. Most of us have the tendency to try to point the finger at others when things go bad while taking the credit when things go well.

In a post about success, Mark wrote “we knew that we would get a great audience” and “The Path of Least Resistance is a key to why HDNet Films is offering our slate of films in a variety of day and date options.” Notice the inclusive language. Mark is writing that his success was not an individual success, but it was part of a team. That’s great leadership.

I firmly believe that as long as Mark Cuban is leading the organization, the Dallas Mavericks will continue to be one of the best organizations in the NBA.

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