Worst Parents of the Year Candidates

Just read a disturbing story about some foster parents in Ohio who made 9 of their 11 kids sleep in cages. The cages were rigged with alarms that would sound if they tried to sneak out. They would also block the cages with furniture. The parents are reportedly saying they didn’t think they were abusing or neglecting the kids. Uh, no. DON’T CAGE YOUR KIDS!!! Read the story here.

One thought on “Worst Parents of the Year Candidates

  1. Hey bro! Just wanted to let you know that all of your information regarding this story may not be accurate. Glenn Beck did an hour or so on this story on either Thursday or Friday. (I’ll try to find it an get you the audio so you can hear his reporting of it for yourself.) While I don’t think caging your kids is a good idea in general, if you have to use unorthodox methods to protect them from themselves and the other special needs children, then I’m alright with it. However, if there is evidence that this family DID in fact abuse the kids…drop the hammer on them.

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