Yahoo! Music Unlimited

For all my iPod owner friends, this won’t be of much help to you. However, I wanted to let everyone know that the Yahoo! Unlimited service is great. For only $5 a month (when you pre-pay annually) you get access to instantly play over 1 million songs or download them to a portable music player. In my scenario, this works perfectly. I can connect my Treo 650 to my computer and transfer songs directly from the Yahoo! Music Engine (YME) and listen to them on the go. This has been a great new feature to my already super-cool phone/pda.

At first, I liked the service, but thought it had some shortcomings. For example, you used to only get album results when you did a search for an artist. Now they’ve fixed that by letting you choose your view (albums/songs). They’ve also added the ability to listen to song from the top 100 chart. Pretty nice upgrades to an already good service.

On top of that, YME is customizable. I liked iTunes feature that allowed you to subscribe and download Podcasts directly in iTunes. I didn’t think YME could handle podcasts, but I found a plugin for it on the YME plugin page.

There is a free trial of the service, so check it out and decide for yourself.

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