A Leadership Lesson From Harold Camping’s Failed Rapture Prediction

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One of the most interesting quotes that I’ve read coming out of the failed prediction/calculation of Harold Camping that Judgment Day would by May 21, 2011 came from the USA Today. Dennis Cauchon writes:

Some Family Radio staff members said last week that most employees planned to be at work today and that most workers were skeptical about the doomsday prediction.

What does it say about a leader when the people closest to him, at least in physical proximity, didn’t even believe him?

What could have happened if these staff members would have spoken up? How could have the lives of the hundreds(?) of people who gave away their life savings, quit their jobs, and will likely emerge from this fiasco with their faith tarnished been kept from being negatively impacted?


6 thoughts on “A Leadership Lesson From Harold Camping’s Failed Rapture Prediction

  1. Money?….pity….hmmm….your absolutely right…what does this say when your own employeess dont even believe you…

    ITs all a big crockpot full of cow dung thats been cooking on low for 9-10 hours in my opinion…..

  2. The good and the bad:

    Bad- makes Christians less believable to those who are not discerning in the first place.

    Good- Sparked multiple conversations regarding the end of the world and people’s relationship with Jesus Christ.

    As for me and my household? The last hours of life on earth were spent watching 2 hours of Ghost Whisperer and 3 hours of High School Musical Sing Along with my daughters.

    Good times.

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