I Love Being a Dad

Before Brea and I had our first child, I was kind of worried about how having kids would change me. Three years later, I love every minute of it. Well, maybe I didn’t love getting puked on at Mimi’s Cafe or kissing puke on Lilyana’s face when I couldn’t see in the dark of the middle of the night, but I’ll take those few low moments in exchange for the absolute joy that these girls bring into my heart every day.

Here are just some of the things I’ve grown to love:

  • Hearing Emory scream “DADDY!!!” when I walk in the door after work
  • Lilyana’s uncontrollable laughter from just seeing me
  • Reading to my girls and seeing the joy they have just being with
  • Playground time and making sure I push Emory “higher”
  • Lilyana reaching up her arms toward me

There are so many things I love about being a dad. If you’re a dad, what do you love about it?

5 thoughts on “I Love Being a Dad

      • I get it from Sam every now and then, but I’m pretty sure he really doesn’t *know* what he’s saying yet. It’s wonderful coming from our almost-8 year-old, though.

  1. My kids are older (the oldest just about to turn 18), but the thing I always loved about being a dad, besides what you’ve already mentioned, is the awe and wonder that they express when you look at creation. “God made that, wow.”

    And then as they get older you see that they seem to be passing you up in their love and devotion to the Father, that’s pretty awesome too.

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