Changed My Comment System…Again!!!

It was just over two months ago that I changed my blog’s commenting system from the default WordPress system to Disqus. I had seen quite a few sites that were using Disqus and I really liked the built in interactivity that it has. But I decided to make the switch to IntenseDebate.

The reason was simple. The parent company that owns WordPress, which is what this blog is based on, had acquired IntenseDebate late last year. I guess I should have just used it when I implimented Disqus originally, but I didn’t really think much about it. I imagine that it will at some point become the built-in commenting system, but for now it’s just a plugin on my site.

Human3rror has a post over on his blog listing 13 reasons why he likes IntenseDebate (scroll down to read them).

If you’ve got experience with IntenseDebate please share them in the comments!

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