Two things Twitter needs to do ASAP

I’ve had two thoughts about Twitter that I need to get out there.

twitter_logo_sFirst, Twitter needs to make money. They can’t continue on venture capital for much longer. People will only throw money at a business opportunity that doesn’t make any money for as long as they can see potential. At some point unfulfilled potential becomesĀ  no potential. If Twitter can’t monetize their service soon they’ll dissolve away into only our memories as many websites have done before.

Second, Twitter needs to overhaul their ridiculous “replies” system. It’s not really a reply at all. Basically, you’re just tweeting something to or about another person that may or may not have anything to do with what that person just tweeted. It doesn’t really allow a person to “reply” to what somebody has said. But the current system does have value and shouldn’t be eliminated. I like the functionality it provides, but it’s not a true reply. What they need to do is create a reply/comment tree setup that both friendfeed and facebook have figured out how to do. This would allow people to actually have more real conversations instead of just the name-dropping or shout outs that happen now. This would make the service much more useful.

Ok, that’s enough ranting for tonight.

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2 thoughts on “Two things Twitter needs to do ASAP

  1. Good video.

    I still think Twitter is an answer to a question nobody asked. It's basically the digital version of "smalltalk", which I generally don't enjoy. If I REALLY want to know what someone is doing in their life, I'll call them or e-mail (or ever possibly text, but only as a last resort.) It, like the DH rule, will never really make sense to me.

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