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I am a little unusual when it comes to the sports teams I like. Ok, I’m a little unusual in more ways than that, but that’s another blog entry. My favorite teams are the Dallas Mavericks (NBA), Texas Rangers (MLB), Dallas Stars (NHL), and the Chicago Bears (NFL). Yes, you read that right, Da Bears. How did I become a local fan of all the Dallas teams, but not with the Cowboys? They’re America’s team! Well, it’s easy to understand with a brief history lesson.

My family moved to Dallas from Sandwich, IL (45 mins from Chicago) in November 1986. The Chicago Bulls at the time were coming off a 30-52 season (1985-86), while the Mavs made the Western Conference Finals the next year (1986-87). I loved the White Sox when we lived up there, but when the Rangers picked up Nolan Ryan, I was hooked. I didn’t really get into hockey until I was in college, so that’s a no brainer. And finally, the Bears won the Super Bowl XX and the Cowboys were mediocre the first few years we lived here. Oh, and don’t forget the Super Bowl Shuffle. Who couldn’t be a Bears fan after that?

Which brings me around to my thoughts on Cowboys fans. I don’t know of a more impatient, fickle bunch of fans on the face of the planet. Anytime something goes wrong, it’s time to change the offense, make a trade for a better Linebacker, switch back to the 4-3 and bench Bledsoe. When something goes right they’re the greatest team known to man and the fans are looking up Super Bowl XL tickets on eBay. I’ve known this for a while, but it was made obvious to me again today when I heard people calling in to ESPN radio suggesting that they either trade Roy Williams or put him at LB. But as Keyshawn was making the touchdown reception to win the game, one of the guys I was with yelled out “greatest team ever” (in a somewhat, but not completely, jokingly tone). I don’t really think it’s a bad thing. It’s just funny. And Rob, don’t book your flight to Detroit just yet.

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  1. I disagree. I was patient MANY MANY YEARS before the early 90’s and I am patient now. It just cracks me up how fans of teams that BARELY WIN ANYTHING always got something to say about other teams fans…oh wait….thats because there is nothing going on wit…DA BEARS!

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