WiFi Enabled Digital Camera. Why?

Kodak has just started shipping a digital camera that is wi-fi enabled. The idea behind it is that you can email the pictures directly from the camera when you’re connected to a wireless internet connection. It is equipped with 4 megapixels of resolution, 3x optical zoom, storage room for up to 1,500 photos and a 3-inch touch screen. This may sound pretty good, but I don’t see it catching on. Firstly, the pictures will be rather large–roughly 1mb per high-res picture. Most email accounts don’t allow very big attachments, so you’d only be able to send a couple of pictures at a time. Secondly, it’s not very hard to plug most camera’s into computer anymore. Usually you either plug in a usb cable to the camera or take the memory card out and put it in a reader.

Basically Kodak is trying to appeal to people’s general laziness. However, I see it being much more of a hassle getting the camera to connect to a wireless network than the normal process digital camera’s do now. My thought is that it’s a big waste of money.

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