Dallas is Not the Only City Complaining About Wade

In danger of bringing terrible memories of the Dallas Collapse of ’06, other teams around the league are starting to say thatthe Dwayne Wade gets too many calls. The Detroit News has an article about it. Here’s an excerpt:

Rasheed Wallace fired up a shot and then threw himself to the floor. Then he got up, faked a limp and did it again. “Working on my D-Wade flop,” he said, laughing. The dead-on impersonation of some of Heat guard Dwyane Wade ‘s theatrics actually had the entire team laughing during Thursday’s shoot-around. But Wade’s flopping, and subsequent trips to the free-throw line didn’t seem funny during the Pistons’ 87-85 victory Thursday night. “You can’t do nothing to D-Wade,” Wallace said. “If you say ‘boogety-boogety booh’ to him, that’s a foul. If you give him a hard look, that’s a foul.” Heading into Thursday, Wade had attempted a league-high 163 free throws — 11.6 per game.

Read the full article here.

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