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My wife and I have been going to more movies this past month than usual. It seems like we’ve been showing up to the theater about thirty minutes early. It used to be that being at the theater that early meant you’d be listening to crappy music and watching the same 14 slides repeat on the screen. Now they’ve got some pre-show entertainment, which I personally enjoy. It makes the wait seem shorter.

One of the best parts about being there that early is that you get to see the extra previews for movies and TV shows. Brea and I really like previews, and we usually will comment about whether or not we want to see the movies that are coming soon. One problem with this is that previews don’t always give you the most accurate portrayal of what the movie will actually be like. Sometimes, especially in comedies, the previews have a good portion of the best parts of the movie, which pretty much means you’re wasting $9.

Another problem is that you can edit video to make it look however you want. Need proof? There have been a lot of videos uploaded to YouTube that take creative editing to the extreme. Check out a few examples below. If you want to watch more, check out

The Shining (Comedy)
Office Space (Suspense)
Mary Poppins (Horror – Great Title, Scary Mary)
The Sound of Music (Horror . . . which is probably an accurate edit)

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