How the Mavs Could Get Iverson

The Philadelphia 76ers have announced that they will be trading Allen Iverson. Trades in the NBA are complicated. There are restrictions about when a player could be moved and both teams have to fit within certain parameters of the salary cap. That said, there is a scenario that could bring Iverson to Dallas. How likely is it? Probably not very likely, but it’s fun to guess. The Mavericks could trade Jason Terry and Austin Croshere to Philly after December 15 and both teams would stay within the cap requirements.

This deal would obviously benefit Dallas significantly. They would be adding a proven All-Star to compliment Dirk Nowitzki. Iverson can score at will and has never seen a shot he didn’t like. The 76ers would be picking up a scorer to replace Iverson and Croshere’s contract expires at the end of this year, which teams are always happy when they can pick up a player like that.

The downside for Dallas would be taking a risk at messing up the team’s chemistry. Would Iverson be able to share the ball with Dirk? Would he work hard enough for Avery Johnson? Those are big questions, but if the Mavs are willing to take the risk, I think they would make a significant improvement. And there is really no way for Philadelphia to get equal money for AI.

The biggest roadblock that would keep this deal from happening may well be that Terry can’t be dealt until after Dec 15. The Mavs also signed him to five additional years during the off-season. And I would feel bad about Terry going from one of the elite teams to the cellar of the NBA. But only as bad as one can feel for someone who makes millions of dollars playing a game.

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One thought on “How the Mavs Could Get Iverson

  1. Just a note … yes, hate to see Terry go I am sure (not to mention your un-noted man-crush on Croshere), but Iverson would immediately put Dallas in the “favorites” seat for the championship. Why? Because he brings them something intangible they needed last season when they “spit-the-bit” against Miami. For more on this see Bill Simmons article on ( It is an excellent break-down as to why you should do everything you can to get this guy on your team.

    Of course, I am hoping the Magicians will grab him and put him with Howard for our run at the championship!

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