Don’t sweat the small stuff…Pray about it

The past few days have been somewhat frustrating around the house. We could not find our digital camera. This normally would be frustrating anyway, but we had not copied pictures from the card off of it for over a week, so there were a bunch of pictures of Emory and family on it.

Over the weekend there were two times that I know God was reminding me that he wasn’t kidding about wanting us to “pray continually” like he told us to do through Paul in 1 Thessalonians 5:17. I knew I should pray about the lost camera, but it also seemed like such a small thing to bother God about. My brother-in-law Chris was the first person God spoke through. He told me that his normal routine now is to pray about lost items as soon as he realizes that he’s misplaced something. He told me about a time in college that he couldn’t find his wallet, stopped to pray about it, and as soon as he was done praying he looked down and the wallet was sitting right there.

The second time that I knew God was wanting me to pay attention was when my mom called me to tell me she found the camera. She told me that she had started looking for it, stopped to pray, and then the first place she looked she found the camera. Let me be clear that Brea and I had just gone over to my parents’ house the night before to look for the camera and had looked in the recliner where she found it. It’s not a coincedence that I didn’t find it. God had a lesson he wanted me to learn. He wants us to pray to him about EVERYTHING in our lives…even the mundane.

If you have any stories about answered prayers, even the smallest ones like a lost digital camera, I’d love to hear them.

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