Honduras Mission Day 1: Traveling & God’s Timing

BridgeWay Group Praying at the Hotel
We made it to our hotel!!!

I’m traveling this week with a group of 21 people from my church with Promise Home Orphanage in Honduras. Today we traveled from DFW to El Progreso. The original plan was to travel on Continental through Houston, but God had other plans.

Instead of arriving in Honduars in under five hours of travel, we ended up on American Airlines going through New Orleans, Miami, and finally to San Pedro Sula in over 12 hours of travel. The great thing about it all was that everyone made it at the same time and all of our baggage arrived, too! I can honestly say there were at least three times today that I didn’t think I would be able to say that.

There were so many things that had to line up perfectly for us to get here. I have no doubt that God worked it all out. When I’m less tired I’ll elaborate more.

I’ll be updating every night on my blog, so you can keep up with how the trip is going. Thank you to everyone who has supported us both in prayer and financial support.

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