Honduras Mission Day 2: Worship, Rain, and a Glimpse of the Future

Day 2 of our mission trip to Honduras was MUCH less eventful than Day 1 (in a good way). The day started out with a fantastic meal from our hotel before we headed out to worship at the church that meets at the Promise Home property. It was awesome to be worshipping together with people from another culture, but knowing that even though you speak (and sing) a different language you’re singing praises to the same God.

I spoke briefly during the worship time and decided to talk a little about Galatians 2:20, since that’s the passage Frank Nichols preached from back home at BridgeWay. It was cool picturing the Body of Christ spread out worldwide preaching the same message.

After lunch we were able to tour part of the property of Promise Home…in the rain! Sometimes having to walk through the rain would not be fun, but we haven’t had rain back home in so long that it was awesome to do it today.

The main thing they have been working on at the site so far is the tilapia ponds that will fund the orphanage in the future. Our group was able to feed the fish, so it was cool to physically take part in a process that will literally rescue orphans from a world of loneliness and despair.

We also got to see where the first home will be built. Hopefully the next trip we take the house will be constructed and the first orphans will be living on the property.

Overall it was a great day. Tomorrow we visit a state-run orphanage, which will take an emotional toll on us all.

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