Honduras Mission Day 4: Looking at the Big Picture

Today we visited a village school to love on kids. One of the main things we did was put on a VBS-style outreach with about 85 elementary aged kids. What a blessing to serve. I can’t say enough about how great our group is. Everyone has been ready to jump in, get awkward and foolish for Jesus, and serve.

In our group time tonight there were some great insights shared. First, one of our members talked about how you can tell a big difference between the kids who don’t have a parent and those who do. At the orphanage, as soon as we walked in the kids were wanting us to hold them, hold their hands, sit in our laps, and just be loved. At the school, the kids were happy to have us there, but they were more interested in the activities. A big thing that was different was the craft time. The kids were all excited to bring their project home to show it off. That didn’t happen yesterday.

Overall, we’re sensing how much of what we are doing this week is more than just about this week. We are partnering with Promise Home to establish a foundation of relationships that will have an impact for both eternity and the long-range future of the country of Honduras. Who knows which kids might grow up and become advocates in their government for the 200,000 orphans in this country?

God has a plan to change lives and it’s an awesome privilege to be a small part of that plan.

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