How to Add the Catalyst 2010 Schedule to Your iPhone’s Calendar

In a week, Brea and I will be in Atlanta with 10,000 of our closest friends for the Catalyst Conference. I went for the first time last year and had a blast and I’m really excited to be able to go again this year. In preparation for the conference, I decided I wanted to have the schedule on my iPhone to keep track of things easier than fumbling with the printed calendar in the booklet.

Thanks to the wonders of technology, it’s fairly easy for you to do this, too. I use Google Calendar as my primary calendar, which makes it easy to create new calendars to share with others. Here’s how you can get the schedule added to your iPhone, too.

1. Make sure you’re setup right to sync with Google Calendar

Michael Hyatt has a great post on how to do this, so I’m not going into detail here. Check out his post and you’ll be setup in no time.

2. Add the Catalyst 2010 Calendar to your Google Calendar

Look under Other calendars for  Add. Click that, then click Add by URL.

3. Copy and paste the URL for the calendar

Next, copy and paste this link into the box that pops up.

4. Add the Catalyst Atlanta 2010 Calendar to your iPhone calendars

You might need to go through the steps outlined again in Michael Hyatt’s blog to make the Catalyst Atlanta 2010 calendar appear in the list of calendars on your iPhone (I did). Once it’s visible on your iPhone just make sure it’s selected and you should be good to go. If you’re not currently in the Eastern Time Zone the times will probably be listed early. Don’t worry. It should adjust the times when you arrive in Atlanta.

If you use iCal, Outlook, or some other software to manage your calendars you can download the ics file and add it to your device, too.

Any questions or comments? Let me know in the comments.

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