More Big Donations . . . What’s the NFL waiting for?

I think we will see more stories of people and nations donating to help with recovery efforts. The biggest donation I’ve read about by far is from Kuwait. They have pledged $500 million mainly in oil-based relief assistance. Their Prime Minister, Sheik Ahmed Fahd Al Ahmed Al Sabah (coolest name ever), had this to say: “It’s our duty as Kuwaitis to stand by our friends to lighten the humanitarian misery and as a payback for the many situations during which Washington helped us.” That’s pretty cool.

Also, John Grisham the author, a Mississippi native, has set up a relief fund to help his fellow Mississippians who have been hit by the storm. He and his wife have donated $5 million to get the fund started. Lance Armstrong has donated $500,000 to help cancer patients who have been affected by the storm.

Which brings me back to something I’ve mentioned earlier. The NFL’s revenue last year “climbed to $5.2 billion” and they have only donated $1 million!!! That’s ridiculous. That’s less than pocket change for them. To put it into perspective, that’s only 0.02% of their annual revenue. This really makes me mad. They have a franchise that not only is from there but has been relocated because of the storm. This is ridiculous and the NFL needs to raise the bar. I wouldn’t be surprised if the NHL makes a bigger donation than them.

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