Must Watch Video for All MacBook Owners

I’ve been a MacBook Pro owner for a little over a year now, and apparently I’ve been winding the cable on my power brick the wrong way this whole time. Lifehacker to the rescue. They posted a video and link the the site Tested that will hopefully help me get a much longer life out of my (expensive) power brick.

The main concept is that you don’t want to put too much tension on the two end of the power cord. That could both create a fire hazard and cause the power brick’s life to shorten. Both are not good in my books.

If you own a MacBook, do yourself a favor and watch the video below. If you’re an Apple hater you’ll probably find humor in the video, too. They take a couple shots at Apple and all of its minions. Good stuff.

Got any tips like this for your Mac products or laptop? Share in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Must Watch Video for All MacBook Owners

  1. Just bought Cara a new MacBook Pro to take off to college, so I made her watch the video. Philip was watching too, and he said “duh” and Cara said: “I didn’t even know those dealies popped up on the side of the brick!”

    • Some people are geniuses like your son. The rest of us have to break stuff before we figure out how to take care of it properly. It took me a little while to figure out the brick, too, so tell Cara not to feel too bad.

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