PolyTune: A Guitar Tuner That Will Make Your Brain Explode With its Awesomeness

This is my third post in my Favorite iPhone Apps series.

I recently had the unfortunate displeasure of having my Larrivee Acoustic Guitar stolen out of my office at church. It’s never fun having something stolen from you, but the church has insurance so I was able to replace it with a new guitar. So it all worked out.

One of the things inside the case was my guitar tuner, so I had to replace it too. I had planned on just buying the same brand of tuner, but thankfully the clerk at Guitar Center suggested I check out the TC Electronic PolyTune stage tuner. I’ll never be the same. It was the most incredible tuner I had ever seen . . . until I realized they had an iPhone app that did the same thing at 1/10 the price.

I had no idea what a Poly-Chromatic tuner was (I can barely grasp the concept of what chromatic means), but the best description I can think of is it’s a tuner that will make your brain explode with its awesomeness. I can not even possibly explain how mind-blowing it is to me that a phone I carry around in my pocket can do this. Instead of trying to explain the technicalities of it, all you need to know is how to use it. It’s Simple. Strum all six strings at the same time and the tuner will show you which strings are out of tune. Seriously. That’s it. I never even dreamed that this was possible, but now I can do it with my phone.

Maybe the best way to understand it is through a video. Check out the little demonstration I put together below.

I’ll label this app as a MUST-HAVE for all guitar playing iPhone owners. It’s a little more expensive than most iPhone apps at $9.99, but it was a bargain compared to the stage tuner version of it than I bought (then returned when I found out about the app), or most any other tuner you’ll find out there.

Pick up your copy from the App Store.

Got any other guitar apps you like? Share them in the comments!

Must Watch Video for All MacBook Owners

I’ve been a MacBook Pro owner for a little over a year now, and apparently I’ve been winding the cable on my power brick the wrong way this whole time. Lifehacker to the rescue. They posted a video and link the the site Tested that will hopefully help me get a much longer life out of my (expensive) power brick.

The main concept is that you don’t want to put too much tension on the two end of the power cord. That could both create a fire hazard and cause the power brick’s life to shorten. Both are not good in my books.

If you own a MacBook, do yourself a favor and watch the video below. If you’re an Apple hater you’ll probably find humor in the video, too. They take a couple shots at Apple and all of its┬áminions. Good stuff.

Got any tips like this for your Mac products or laptop? Share in the comments!