I Think Google Might Be Run by Aliens

I’m one of the biggest Google fanboys around, but recently they freaked me out and I have video to prove it. This happened when I was setting up a Gmail account. Take a listen to the video below.

Should I be scared?

7 thoughts on “I Think Google Might Be Run by Aliens

  1. That *is* seriously creepy. However, the button you clicked isn’t narration of the shown word; it’s a separate captcha symbol. Since it’s audio, the sounds of the digits being read are obscured from bots by sound noise the same way the characters on the screen are obscured from bots (and screenreaders used by blind people) by visual noise. (On my browser, there is a little javascript message that tells me to type the numbers I hear.) If you listen again, you will here the voice saying, “7793490257802.” At least, I think that’s right. I think the assumption is that if you are blind you have improved hearing and can understand a Chinese accent!

    • That makes sense. I didn’t realize there was a separate verification thingy. It really didn’t seem like it would have been helpful to people with visual impairments.

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