New Series Coming Next Week: Favorite iPhone Apps

Starting next week I’ll be writing a series of posts on my favorite iPhone apps. I’ve tried out quite a few apps and have been able to do some really, really cool things with them that I would never have dreamed of being able to do with a cell phone five years ago. Even though I was a late-comer to the iPhone party I’m now all in. It’s one of the most useful, fun, and innovative products I’ve ever owned.

So, in preparation for this series, I’d like to hear from you. What are the apps that you’ve found that you love? What are some apps that you couldn’t imagine living without now? Which games do you love? Which apps do you hate?

Share your apps in the comments!

UPDATE: I’ll be updating this post with links below to all the reviews I’ve done.

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4 thoughts on “New Series Coming Next Week: Favorite iPhone Apps

  1. I’m going to start with a few standard apps that we may take for granted now but compared to my cell phone even 3 years ago are the main functions I was really excited about having on my phone.

    ESPN ScoreCenter / Sportacular / Sportstap
    Having access to live sports scores and box scores is one of the things I use my mobile phone most for and it’s one of the very first things I think I did with a cell phone that had Internet access. Now it’s super simple and quick to keep with games.

    Having a GPS with me wherever i go is awesome and I use the built in Maps app all the time. The iPhone was the frirst and only GPS device I’ve ever owned.

    I used to have a cell phone and a portable digital audio player, now I have an iPhone with both.

    Way better than the earlier cell phone cameras. And the photos look brilliant on the little 3.5 inch screen.

    Ok now for some apps designed to specifically be awesome for the iPhone.

    Pianist Pro
    A fun piano app I’ve used quite frequently to record random music.

    Great for having a perfect guitar tuner handy. Also great reference for every possible guitar chord you could imagine.

    Remote HD
    It’s nice being able to contol and access my computer from my couch, from work or from another state.

    Air Video
    I have access to my movies stored on my hard drive at any time. Always works great and even does a live conversion of file types not supported natively by the iPhone.

    Shazam / SoundHound
    Very handy for tagging a song you don’t recognize, or for tagging a song you do know but just want quick access to more info about the artist or song.

    Great for keeping a travel log of places I visit and motivates me to explore and discover new spots I otherwise would never have thought about looking at or visiting ( is a good example). A nice way to keep a photo record of those places too.

    PictureShow / Hipstamatic / SnapFilters / Camera+
    Some sweet photo apps I use quite a bit.

    And some games…

    The first truly awesome iPhone game I recall playing. The visuals are stunning and the gameplay skill and strategy involved is very rewarding.

    Field Runners
    Similar to geoDefense in that it’s a tower defense style game. Another awesome must have game.

    Angry Birds
    Not much I really need to say about this gem.

    Labyrinth 2
    Awesome visuals and great use of the iPhone’s accelerometer. One of my favorites.

    I could probably list another 25 awesome apps and games I’ve used quite a bit but I’ll stop there for now.

    • Great list Brian! I think I read that Air Display is going to be built into the iPad when iOS 4.2 is released in November. Does that sound right?

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